The Line Between

Another day and yet another post from your beloved; today I’ll be introducing the second category of the blog, The Line Between!

In life we are always faced with some paradoxes, some two extremes that if we live by either independently, life will seem like a crushing chore, a continuously uphill task or downhill tumble depending on how you choose to look at it. Here I’ll be setting up scenarios to help us navigate that line between. Hopefully with time we can change perspective and look at it as a road between the desert and a luscious rainforest rather than as a high rope in the circus that only those with a certain level of skill, fitness and dedication can maneuver.

It is true that you will need some certain level of skill, fitness and dedication to maneuver, but even the very best start somewhere. No one wakes up one day knowing what the right choices are and how far to take on belief before hoping onto another. I adopted a mantra from a training I once was a part of that says “Strive for excellence not perfection” and for the most part I use it for my good. I say it to myself just before clicking on publish when I have spent hours tweaking the article and still feel like it not yet perfect. “This is perfect for today,” I say to myself, “Next week we shall strive to be better than today.” Sometimes though, I use it as an excuse to present some shoddy work. Like when I waited till the last minute to attempt my campus assignment. I still have a way to make it sound legit, I say ” at least I did my own work” or the all time classic “Even God knows I tried”

I’m working on it, trying to find a balance and look at it more objectively. To use it for my liberation rather than my own downfall. This is what we’ll be doing here every fortnight; I’ll be giving you guidelines and you will be building your own excellent balance. Hopefully to tame you and help you not be overly self righteous yet encourage you to get out of the trap of redundant humility! To push you to work as hard as you need to to achieve your dreams while still taking care of yourself; your wellness, to avoid burnout. To uphold your standards yet not be too standoffish to make friends or network. To make you an over achiever who still maintains her sanity! A lover who still looks at their relationship objectively.

And hey, I’m not promising the world because whether it’s a thin high rope or a dual carriage road, there’s always a chance you’ll end up off road. That’s not a reason to give up, we move on regardless and with this new lesson strive to eliminate these excuses and be better. I don’t always uphold my “no more drinking” policy after a horrible night out but at least the next time I make sure to drink more responsibly. According to me, that’s really what matters, the continuous progress and tweaking until you find what works best for you, your optimal environment. Often times when we end up off road it is because we forgot to put into consideration a certain circumstance, whether out of neglect or surprise; because life holds a lot of those. Either way, if you factor it in and set new boundaries to your balance, you discover you can do better and achieve more.

Feel welcome to this space and watch out for my notifications. I believe this will be a beautiful journey full of exciting discoveries and memorable lessons.


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