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This is the third and final category of my blog; Tell me. It will have two segments, Tell me why and Tell me how.

A few years into my self care journey, I have come to learn there are essential practices I need to infuse into my daily or weekly routines to better care for myself. Some require great dedication while others are very easy to get into the system. At times, especially when you need them most, it’s easy to remember to use these tools; to live in the bubble of care. It’s when times are good and life seems to be flowing easy, when the world seems to be working for you, that we often tend to coast and forget our practices.

This may have very dire effects on our lives because when tragedy strikes; we all know it always comes without warning, it hits hard. It finds us at a time that we have forgotten to take care of ourselves, sometimes forgotten the worth of the practice. We don’t know how and where to let out the pressure that seems to be continuously building up inside us and we crush. A crush that would easily be avoided had we held on to our self care habits. Good thing about having known the habits is there’s a chance for redemption. You could always, after the crush, pick yourself up and be strong again, relearning how to love and care for yourself all over again. That too is beautiful.

In this section I’ll be explaining why even bother picking up different self-care habits and infusing them into your routines. The first habit I ever took up for myself was journaling. I must say this idea was met with a lot of rebellion from my conscious self. In my younger days, I always thought of journaling as a very girlish and petty practice. From the cartoons I had watched over the years; where I learnt about any of this, a diary was a point of weakness. Always prone to be exposed and spark a frenzy of gossip and embarrassment. In school, the ones I went to at least, it was illegal and the secrets it held could very easily get you punished. With time though, I came to discover what a journal should be and how it helps in caring for oneself. I’ll admit, after the initial self discovery journey, I let go of it for a long time but I’m now back at it and life feels real good.

In addition to the why, I will not let you fumble with figuring out how to do these things. The second part will be on how we get to add these habits into our daily lives and how to fully benefit from them. I’ll share the research I do for each topic and share the best ways to get started and stay consistent with your self-care practices. I believe that self-care is far more than just a trend or a passing wave and I’m here to inform you and shift your mindset to see it as it is and how to apply it in your life.

I’m sure this will have a positive impact on you and those around you. What I love most about self care is the fact that it’s ripple effect is endless. It starts with you but never ends there because you see people and life differently, which makes you live a certain way and treat others nicely. I look forward to helping you create a beautiful space in your mind that you wouldn’t rather escape from, instead be a place you enjoy to get lost in as you discover more and more about yourself.

Join me here on Wednesdays to get your dose of the dos and don’ts of self care and why it is important.


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