Oh this number! A lot comes to my mind whenever I see it. Enough to keep you engaged here for a couple of hours, bitter sweet. Not stories for today though, today I’m here to bless the year, the year upon us.

I hope it comes with a whole lot more joy. I hope every morning I’ll hear the birds sing, every morning, the sun rises. I hope for a smile on my face and a hop in my step. Let me step out confident like the star I am, lemme shine bright in the dim world.

23! Come with abundance, I’m ready for all the love, for all the kindness. Teach me to show love, teach me to show kindness. I want to live wholly, to experience humanity as intended. I’m ready to experience the wholeness of the love.

I’m walking into abundance, sunshine and rainbows, morning dew on the grass. I’m winning inside me and on the outside too. My cup will not only be full, it’ll run over. I hope to be a ray of sunshine everywhere I go, to fill you with warmth and hope.

I hope in every situation, I can remain joyful and grateful. Never loosing hope, even if sometimes it may take a miracle to hold on. I hope to keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the light in the darkness.

And whenever I need to rest, I hope to have a shoulder to lean on. Teach me how to recognize my need for help. May I find the courage to take the help. Because unless I’m filled inside, what is there to give?

Let me appreciate all my days, let me live them out to the fullness that makes it beautiful. Let me cherish my relationships, to connect more – that’s what my human self wants the most. Continuously improving how I relate.

I want to be intentional, intentional with the way I live and the way I do my things. I hope in every situation, my intentions are pure. I hope for selflessness where I have the upper hand, but let me be a little selfish too. Let me remember that above all else, I’m human too.

I’m so glad the new year is upon us, a little late but here I am wishing you a happy new year! May it be full of love and happiness.


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